We have a well equipped range of facilities and resources for all students to help them achieve a well rounded education in  a child friendly atmosphere.


The school has well developed library for pupils. The library have books shelves with easy access. Library has a wide variety of books like colorful books to attract primary section readers. It contains several books for reading and satisfying curiosity of readers. Many books related to national leaders, motivators, general knowledge and novels are present in order to enhance the knowledge of the readers.

Science Composite Laboratory

Science Lab makes learning easy. It is believed that experiments help deep understanding in children. It allows students to interact directly with scientific theory and learn things practically. School has well equipped science lab  in order to enhance innovative environment in the school. Developed with enough equipments for students experiments.

Computer Laboratory

Computer is vital tool for modern day living , School has also provided facility in order to enhance knowledge of it world.  It has well developed computer lab and students are provided all the basic  knowledge about computer such as presentation, sheet, graphics, in order to enhance their IT efficiency.

Mathematics Laboratory

School has maths lab for students in order to solve their problems  and curiosity related to maths  and also to enhance their practical thinking and knowledge. It helps in providing facts and knowledge of geometrical shapes and mathematics rules.


The activity room is designed to make learning more fun and exciting. Students love this room as it has  educational games and resource corner to enhance their creativity.


Music and dance is an integral part of curriculum. Dance communicates ideas through movement and expressions and is a creative art form which provides fitness, mental peace and inner happiness. The student learn different skills like rhythm, flexibility, coordination and expression. We have well equipped music room, where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.


It has various charts, models, sketches, maps, globes and several pictures related to History, Geography and Civics topics which helps students in gaining knowledge regarding the topic. We have models and samples of different types of rocks, minerals, solar system, physical features of India, political and cultural maps of India and world.